"The World Sweet Potato Capital"

Fujian Daily APP-New Fujian September 25th (Reporter Huang Xiaojing Correspondent Huang Shuilin) ​​On September 25th, the "World Sweet Potato Capital" licensing ceremony was held in Hakka Cultural Park, Liancheng County. The world's most international judging body of Effies awarded Liancheng County the honorary title of "The World Sweet Potato Capital". At the ceremony, everyone waved the national flag and sang "I love my motherland" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with new achievements in the development of the Liancheng sweet potato industry.

Seven home-made methods of sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is the first choice of coarse grains for people's health. It is sweet and delicious, easy to digest, and suitable for all ages. Today, I will introduce the seven simplest methods for you to learn in one go.

13 benefits of eating sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in various vitamins, dietary fiber, starch, potassium, calcium and other substances, and have high nutritional value. Eating sweet potatoes at noon can exert its maximum effect. Then, what are the benefits of eating sweet potatoes? Take a look at the 13 benefits of eating sweet potatoes as described below.

6 benefits of eating sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is also a relatively common vegetable in daily life. Some friends like hard sweet potato to make porridge to drink. The effect and function of sweet potato are also very good. Some people like to eat sweet potato, do you know what nutritional value sweet potatoes have , What are the benefits of eating sweet potatoes, let's go and learn with Xiaobian next.

Why sweet potatoes become champion vegetables

A few days ago, after three years of research and selection, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified six healthiest foods and ten top junk foods. The most healthy foods selected include six categories: best vegetables, best fruits, best meats, best cooking oils, best soups, and best brain foods. The familiar sweet potato is listed as the champion of 13 best vegetables.

How to pick purple potatoes

1. Look at the color Purple potato is rich in anthocyanins, the skin and potato are purple or dark purple. When choosing purple potato, choose the skin with no damage to the skin and the color is normal, do not choose too dark or bright. 2. Look at the shape The shape of wild purple sweet potatoes is round and stick-shaped. When buying purple sweet potatoes, choose uniform size, stick-shaped, and long purple sweet potatoes.
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